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Focusing on quality and ensuring that garment workers are treated fairly throughout  production, the decision to source wholesalers and manufacturers within Canada was a natural choice for Agesealo. Sustainability is at the core of the label, and maintaining an ethical production cycle is just another way that we differentiate ourselves from many other streetwear labels.

All garments are made from sustainable farmed organic cotton and hemp, along with Spandex to ensure comfort and functionality for the wearer. This aspect of comfort is especially important to founder Selo Karakatsanis, who from the age of 10 has been practicing and training in martial arts. Karakatsanis ensures that motion is at the heart of every collection, while maintaining an edgy and youthful aesthetic for the urban consumer.


Our Values

From coast to coast Ageselao celebrates our local communities across the country. We understand the value in creating things locally and believe in building a community that shares our values. We pride ourselves on sourcing and sewing each garment in Canada

Our goal is to use sustainable fabrics and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We believe in transparency in our materials and processes. All fabrics used to make Agesealo clothing are thoughtfully selected, premium and sustainable blends of Hemp, Organic Cotten and Spandex.

All Agesealo garments are made using fabrics that are Certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Ensuring that all garments include a minimum of  70% organic fibres. 

All Agesealo garments are tested for harmful substances by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. We use low-impact dyes meeting environmental and toxicological criteria.

But this is just the start; we continue to seek out improved methods and materials every day.

For Ageselao it's the confidence in superior fabrics that allow for comfort simultaneously with style. Inspired by Ancient Greek culture. Ageselao style is sure to be unique yet modern.

Everyday Movement

Everyday is an adventure, one that leads us through the expected and unpredictable motions; from jumping, reaching, turning, walking, running, stretching.

Motion is at the heart of every piece while maintaining an edgy, stylish and youthful aesthetic. Ageselao believes that garments should celebrate movement, encourage functionality while maintaining softness and comfort.  Strength and durability are at the forefront to each piece allowing for longterm wear.



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