3 Business Tips You Need To Know Now! + A BONUS

Business Tips you need now- Social Media

Build that email list. If social media was to go away, would you still be able to operate your business?

Tiktok is obviously a game changer. Have fun with it to show another side of your business. Educate and/or entertain to maximize your presence.

Instagram Reels. Basically Instagram's retaliation on TikTok. Same rules apply here.

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1. Build that email list

Building your email list will ensure you have control over what your subscribers see. The email's you sent out will be going to 100% of the contacts you have.

There is no algorithm that picks and chooses who gets to see your "posts". It is also direct communication with your contacts. Yes they have to open their email just as they would for any app. The difference is they will receive whatever you send out (and hopefully click to view it).

Whereas these algorithms are based upon what it thinks you as the user "like" and "engage" with. That is the name of the game though so you best figure out how to utilize it

2. Tiktok

Tiktok is not just for teens. Like any social media platform they may have a main focus. Still you can target your demographic as Tiktok has blown up so much that more and more people are on it.

By being an early adopter you get the benefit of people following you just for BEING there.

You can use Tiktok as a main platform, or as a supplementary.

Just like any platform. Test it out and research. See what's working and popping. Then start executing. Make sure to always direct it to your main channel and website.

3. Reels

Reels is Instagram's way of bringing back users that were jumping ship and enjoying Tiktok.

We all know Instagram was getting stale, and it was due time for some new features.

Reel's is a little different where trendy things don't really pop off. .

The strategy and traction with reels is providing education and/or entertainment.


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