3 Ways To Regain Your Masculinity + Attract Others

Foreword: We use the terms he/masculine as a source of energy. Rather than gender specific. No matter the gender, there is a masculine and feminine polarity. Please substitute as you may need.

These are three tips on how to regain masculinity as an honorable man that stands for something, has a why and in turn will attract the sex/energy they so chose. 80% of men prefer a women with a feminine energy. Relationship polarity. More on this another time, but it does have a basis for what we're going to talk about.

1.Find your purpose (your "why")

Every great person stood for something. They choose their battle and went to war with it. When someone told them no, they didn't knock the door down. They found the key to unlock it. Or they broke through the wall supporting the frame. Analogies aside, whatever their "why" was- their purpose for living they didn't care what others said. They lived life on their own terms.

Find your why. Your purpose, your GIFT to the world. Attack it and let no other being stop you. The masculine energy feeds off freedom and purpose.

2. Don't change your mind for someone else

This one is especially true when dealing with the feminine energy. What the feminine energy relies on is emotion of the moment. What she says, may not always be what she means. Stay true to what you like, don't "change" because of her. Or anyone else. If you like ketchup, LIKE IT.

Do not get that confused with being closed minded. That is not to say if you are wrong, stay on your prideful ego driven terrain. Quite the opposite. If you are wrong admit it and carry on with grace and humour. That is where your freedom lies. Do not be a sheep and follow the herd, rather be the Shepard... or the wolf- but never the sheep.

3. Don't be swayed from your vision

Whatever your vision/purpose you've decided. Stay on course- if friends are asking to grab a pint, or enjoy time with them. Do so- intentionally decide how long you are going to enjoy their company and presence. But do not idle in time, do not wait and "play it by ear". There is time and place for such freedom's. Do not let it become a norm.

If your significant other wants to spend time with you, yet you are thinking about the greater purpose. You will not enjoy your time, and they will be able to sense it. Rather decide on a set amount of time I.E 30 minutes of undistracted love rather than 2 hours of half-asses attention. Thinking of how you could be working on the vision.

These three ways to regain that masculine energy barley scratch the surface. But will start to spark the thoughts necessary to dive deeper in your masculine energy. Which feeds off freedom and a purpose driven life.


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