3 ways to live more eco-conscious at the office.

Ideas to help spark being more conscious everyday.

With the growing concern of global warming, animal species facing extinction, waterways being filled with pollution etc. The awareness is growing and with a conscious effort, we may be able to change our negative ways into positive ones. These 3 ideas are ways to make a consistent conscious effort in being eco-friendly.

1.Reusable water bottle.

This one is probably the most obvious one, and one that a lot of people are already practicing. But worth mentioning! Bringing in a water bottle into work and not using a plastic one reduces plastic waste. As not all plastic goes into recycling (if it even is recyclable) thus going into waterways, and causing all sorts of other pollution.

2. Use a water filter at home

Getting a water filteration system will let you use your tap water (often filled with chlorine and other leads to keep away bacteria) without having to worry about what your municipality puts in it to fight off bad bacteria. Fill up your water filtration system and then use it to fill up your reusable water bottle. BAM, bye bye plastic water bottles!

3. Bring a lunch

As the name suggests, this one is pretty self-explanatory! Though it’s not always unavoidable. Trying to bring a lunch in reusable/glass containers will lead to reusability.

As always there’s still complications with these suggested ideas. But a step in the right direction in reducing your carbon footprint. The important thing is trying to be more eco-conscious everyday is the first step of sustainability and achieving a circular economy.

Be creative and share with us your ways of living eco-conscious.



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