Cannabis... No, well close we're talking HEMP!

Ah the secret word like "Lord Voldemort" in Harry potter. Cannabis, but we're not talking the one you're thinking of. But rather its cousin, Hemp.

Hemp is the oldest used fiber, and rightfully so. It can be used in many aspects of our lives, from food, to clothing to paper products and even household items like rope/twine. Hemp will also give back nutrients it take from the soil it was grown on, adding to it's sustainability profile.

Hemp is known for its strength and durability. It'll hold its shape and be hard to rip. Not only that, hemp gets SOFTER WITH EACH WASH. Yes you read that right. The more you wash it the softer it'll get.

This graphic shows the many uses of hemp. But still doesn't scratch the surface with "up to 50,000 uses". Picture courtesy of Getty Images.

This is why Ageselao chooses to use hemp in our garments and will continue to do so!