A Couple Ways to bring more life to home

There' plenty of creative and practical ways to bring more "life" to home. Cause there's nothing like Home Sweet Home! But these ways will focus on simpler ways that can be incorporated immediately.

1. Plants, plants and more plants!

Having plants inside not only helps the aesthetic of any room. But they have been linked to help improve mood and having health benefits.

2. Essential Oils.

Fad or fact? only time will tell but the facts remain, not only are they linked to health benefits to making your whole house smell like lavender... or whatever is your favourite smell. Men if you don;t like it, your significant other will or whoever it is your impressing. So go, get an air diffuser and some essential oils... NOW!

This list is a great start, but there are many more ways to bring life into the home. Share them with Ageselao!


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