Ethical Manufacturing and 3 reasons why it matters.

As an economy and country it is imperative that we ensure the growth of our country. Here we are going to list why we need to start exporting more and relying on our own citizens for prosperity in terms of manufacturing.

  1. Canada was known for it's high quality production, not to long ago more than 70% of clothing was produced right here in Canada. The resulting of more imports and less exports for this industry. Led to a large drop in employment for the textile/apparel sectors.

Less than 20 years ago, about 70% of the textile and clothing products consumed in Canada were made right here at home. Since then, however, imports have soared, and it is now these offshore products that satisfy the majority of Canadian demand.
Between 1989 and 1992, the textile and clothing industries in Canada underwent considerable rationalization, resulting in a large drop in overall employment

2. Demand for increase of exports. As we import more than 80% for our apparel, resulting in a smaller field for employment within the Canadian fashion and textile industry.

These factors apart, the Canadian domestic production of textile and apparel is steadily declining and there is a growing need for imports. Currently, 79 percent of apparel in Canada is shipped in by the industry. China has benefitted significantly from this, as Canada imports a good share of textile and apparel from China.

3. Economy decline and a less prosperous GDP. It's no surprise that a country having control of its manufacturing gives control to it economy and the people if done correctly and ethical. Most garment workers work for $2/DAY for 8+ hours of labour.

We have such a vibrant culture all over Canada. With a HUGE influence of multiculturalism, and with Seneca College, George Brown College and Ryerson University fashion design programs. It's such a barrier to entry for designers that either want to start up their own label. Or for ones that want to work here in Canada for a "Made In Canada" brand.


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