#HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay. Our Commitment to an Ethical supply chain.

We stand for DOMESTIC manufacturing and ETHICAL factories throughout the whole supply chain. We feel strong about this. Why are brands using overseas manufacturing? Let's really think about it. Garments that cost $20 or below should raise red flags. Factor in fabric costs alone, which you are looking from $5+. Let alone pay everyone along the way that had a part to play in a garments production. This doesn't even consider the costs for marketing/advertising, embellishments, hardware, etc. Anyone with business acumen would understand this would be unfeasible if these workers were paid a fair wage to construct these garments with a cost of $20. We cannot confirm 100% that there is human trafficking as a result of this. We can only speculate and give an informed hypothesis.

Fast Fashion has created a global pandemic. As we ARE in a literal pandemic. We do not say that lightly but let's look at the three facts:

"China is the world’s largest manufacturer and is often referred to as the ‘world’s factory’. The market has been boosted in recent years due to the country’s low labor cost..."
"Its economic policy and availability of cheap and abundant labor has made it climb up the apparel ladder."
"In 2019, China accounted for over 39 percent of the world textile exports, followed by the European Union and India."

We must ask ourselves WHY China accounts for 40% of global textile exports. Of course there are socio-economical factors. One of the most obvious factors has to be China being very smart globally by investing their infrastructure into


Going back to the impacts it has across the world- Fast Fashion makes it harder for a consumer to choose quality over price. Fast Fashion has taught the consumer to choose terrible quality/throw away garments over a piece that will stand the test of time.

Post-secondary education and students pursing fashion design have also suffered. Students domestically now have less opportunity to work in garment construction. This also makes it more difficult for brands to use ethical factories.

This could be a running post and we could go-on and on. Although we wanted to give you a snippet and awareness to a global problem that must be cleaned up. We cannot confirm 100% that there is human trafficking as a result of this. We can only have speculation and give an informed hypothesis.






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