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Canadian streetwear brand Ageselao to launch at Startup Fashion Week

Inspired by ancient cultures and modern society

May 29, 2018 – Toronto designer Selo Karakatsanis launched a streetwear  brand Ageselao this Spring.  He is set to make his runway debut in Montreal at Startup Fashion Week (SFW) on Friday June 22, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Crowley Arts Centre.

Using innovative draping techniques and designs that take inspiration from Ancient Greece, Ageselao is well on its way to bringing a unique perspective to the current streetwear market. With its elevated take on classic streetwear apparel, Ageselao appeals to a multicultural audience of young men who are claiming their style and proudly displaying their love of fashion.

All garments are made from sustainable farmed organic cotton and hemp, along with Spandex to ensure comfort and functionality for the wearer. This aspect of comfort is especially important to founder Selo Karakatsanis, who from the age of 10 has been practicing and training in martial arts. Karakatsanis ensures that motion is at the heart of every collection, while maintaining an edgy and youthful aesthetic for the urban consumer.

“I want the wearer to be able to move and not feel restricted just because it’s streetwear. I believe we are meant to play, be adventurous, grow and evolve and live limitless. I strive for those qualities in my pieces!” says Karakatsanis.

Growing up with three generations of women in his household, Karakatsanis found his passion for style early, along with his entrepreneurial spirit. Finding there was a gap in the market for fashion that showcased Greek talent, Karakatsanis launched Ageselao in November 2017. He hopes that by respecting and representing his Greek roots, Ageselao will be able to share his culture with a broader market.

By focusing on quality and ensuring that garment workers are treated fairly throughout  production, the decision to source wholesalers and manufacturers within Canada was a natural choice for the brand. Sustainability is at the core of the label, and maintaining an ethical production cycle is just another way that Ageselao differentiates itself from many other streetwear labels.

“I started this journey because I didn’t like what I was seeing with modern fashion. All the way from garment manufacturing to the store aesthetics. I’m building this as a way to tell stories through fashion from our roots. We must pay homage to the ones that came before us while innovating the present for a better future.”

For more information on how to attend the runway show or other events during SFW please refer to or contact for more information. Please be advised that tickets will not be sold at the door.

ABOUT Ageselao

Unique. Sleek. Versatile. Ageselao launched in Spring 2018.  Inspired by ancient cultures and modern society, Ageselao is determined to bring something unique. Reflections of the past while still keeping up with today’s style.  We’re here to make a positive impact by only using ethical materials. Ageselao is committed to the highest quality and innovative garments.  As an ethical brand, we value the earth. Designed and manufactured in Canada we uphold the standards and practices that will help innovate the future!



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Startup Fashion Week (SFW) is the first of its kind, representing the newly developed intersection of fashion, business, and technology. Conceived in 2014 by Toronto based Founder and Executive Producer Jodi Goodfellow, SFW was created to bridge the gap between growing  fashion and tech industries in Canada.  It was her goal to create a platform that would also select Canada’s most promising fashion and fashion-tech businesses giving them a platform to gain visibility, media and industry networks. SFW has helped Canadian entrepreneurs from cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Saskatoon, and Saint John at the SFW Toronto events. Jodi decided to expand SFW to launch in Montreal after realizing how many participants and guests were coming to Toronto to attend her innovative program. SFW Montreal will officially launch a 3 day event June 20 – 22 2018



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