Organic cotton vs Cotton. Hype or not?

Regular farmed cotton uses chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides, This contaminates the soil while harming workers with the chemicals used. Over time of course causing health problems.

While Organic cotton, doesn't use harmful chemicals, insecticides or pesticides. Making it a healthier work environment and the ability to reuse the soil and water for livestock.

Organic cotton makes for a healthier work environment. With the yield being smaller it's important we go back to the ways of less is more! Quality and craftsmanship is something that was (and still is) respected but with the rise of fast fashion, it seemed we as a society tend to shy away from it. It's time now to get back to it!

The most important thing is to be informed and have the information in front of you. Maybe washing your clothes less if they don't need to be and wear them more often. Hang drying is also a great option, especially for cotton (wool too of course) garments.


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