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This article is taken from Nancy, of Its was a pleasure meeting her and telling the story of Ageselao.

SFW // Meet Up with Ageselao

Something very interesting is happening right now in Montreal: the Start up Fashion Week! For the occasion, I got to meet one-on-one with the designer of Ageselao, an urban and functional streetwear brand. Check it out!

JUNE 22, 2018

This year, the Startup Fashion Week decided to come to Montreal – on top of already being in Toronto – and to give more opportunities for aspiring designers, models and bloggers to get the spotlight. Super inspiring to meet fellow individuals wanting to do more with their life and to pursue their passion!

So I’ve got to talk to Selo, founder and designer for Ageselao, which is going to be on the runway show tonight, June 22nd 2018. This is not to be missed! When I first talked to him, he got me so intrigued about what he wanted to do with Ageselao and when I was able to get a little sneak peak of the new collection, I was amazed. I can’t wait to see the full collection, and I am sure you do too!

See Ageselao website here. Follow Ageselao on instagram @ageselao

Then, let me introduce you to Selo and Ageselao

Brand: Ageselao [pronounced a-dji-si-lo] What it is: A streetwear clothing brand Where it comes from: Toronto, Ontario (with back-and-forths to Barrie, Ontario) When did it start: November of 2017 – just a few months ago and already at a fashion show!

What inspires Ageselao: Selo’s Greek roots. He really wants to incorporate the drapes that are so characteristic of Greek ancient clothing – honestly, think of any God and you’ll see what we mean haha Why streetwear: He was tired of always compromising style for comfort, or even compromising the environment. Very headstrong, he wanted to be the change he sees in the world. So here he is!

Who it is for: Men – for now – who like to be comfortable in their clothing and who like streetwear as much as we do! How you can get it: Online through their website – it can be shipped all around the world. Because, for Selo, the sky is the limit!

Without further due, here is a little sneak peak of tonight’s collection!

For the interview and behind the scenes, stay tuned on my channel! Can’t give you everything before you see the real deal tonight, right?


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