"Traditional Men"

The term masculinity at this point is almost "toxic" or frowned upon. We as a society have diminished the role a male/masculinity is.

We are being taught that there is no place for our traditional masculinity. This is NOT to be confused with oppressive and/or bad characteristics of traditional masculine energy.

Yet the narrative being pushed is that we should suppress our masculine side, to quite the lion and wolf within us. Beating us into submission like a wounded animal. Well gentlemen, we are wounded, but we are far from dead.

There is a role that our masculine energy provides in society. One that is of love and discipline. One of service and fortitude. One of the warrior spirt and essence of tough love. One of purpose and compassion.

When one must gather their courage to ask for a promotion, or a raise, or to take a on a project, to get dirty and use your hands. That in essence is of masculinity. To speak your mind in a room full of people that you may not agree with, is again masculine.

We are watering down what men inherently have within them. Labeling it as toxic, to not embrace. Yet when one needs any of the traits mentioned above it's ok?

Biologically-scientific FACT- there is man and women. There is masculine and feminine. Now what each individual BELIEVES they are. Is up to them, and we should always respect that and honour that. Though this has caused a confusion amongst the younger generations. We must as we navigate this new dynamic. Educate each other and our youth.

We must allow the masculine energy to hold it's place by strong leaders who can demonstrate these character traits and qualities.


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