What EXACTLY is Ageselao?

Well what a great question you asked! Or were we just talking to ourselves again... everyone does that. Right?

Credit: johnny-chen Via-unsplash

If you have been following Ageselao for some time now, then you most likely have noticed we promote more than JUST fashion and style. Which we of course love. Yet we break the rules of industry norms. Creating products that allow you to creatively express yourself. To pursue all your ambitions. Just as you are not here to fit into a box set by outdated and quite frankly- oppressive systems. We believe in working your ass off for the things you want accomplished, that working hard is not a terrible thing that society has now come to vilify. That success financially is NOT a bad thing, yet wealth isn't tied directly to money in the bank. Rather wealth is having a life of fulfillment- in all areas. We use fashion as a vehicle to spread our message and use these 3 non-negotiable defining pillars to break the "norms" set fourth by an industry reluctant to change for the better:

  1. High Quality Craftsmanship

We hold the highest standard possible when it comes to garment construction for made-to-measure/ready to wear. We use tailoring techniques, hand sewing, and premium eco-friendly fabrics.

2. Ethical Manufacturing

Yet there is SO much more to Ageselao than garments or apparel. We are a brand that promotes owning your supply chain- THE MINIMUM CRITERIA is to either manufacture domestically (fair wages/labour/ethical) OR if offshore choose a country that is known to have a high quality of life/living and employment standards. We want to provide economically to the country we live in, while respecting where we all live no matter geographic location, Earth. To providing the talented seamstress', tailors, designers and everyone in between with employment opportunity and bolstering the industry. Being inclusive to all people and respecting them.

3. Aesthetics AND Function

We believe wholeheartedly that aesthetics/style and function are part of design. We ensure the Ageselao twist, while still maintaining that modern or even futuristic aesthetic. So you can confidently dominate the boardroom... or Zoom meeting.


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