Why Eco-Friendly MATTERS

If you're reading this no matter geographical location.. you're on Planet Earth (if not.. hello aliens!).

The only two things we ALL have in common is being born on this planet and death (we're practical over here. Just look at our garments;).

With all this being said it should start to make you think that what we do to OUR planet is very much connected. What environmentally happens to North America is happening to Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. It is a lot to take in and it may feel overwhelming what YOU can do. We all have a art to play, being aware and conscious are the first steps. Below we will offer ways to help our carbon footprint.


This one may be obvious, oversaturated- but it is crucial. Put that garbage in your pocket and throw it out once you arrive at home or if you're going for a stroll and see a garabage can- well you know what to do.

2. Make a garden

Whether its plants in the house (did someone say more plants- we support this message) or a vegetable/fruit garden this will help a couple ways: having your own source of the planted vegetable(s), bring more oxygen into the air and reducing CO2, learn/develop a skill. It can also teach you discipline as it's something that needs constant attention.

3. Start a tree planting fundraiser

With modern technology and social media. Gathering a community of people to plant as many tree's/gardens/etc. during a nice summer day would have a positive impact on the surrounding ecology.

Now unfortunately these actions will not cure the disease at hand. We must hold business, companies and corporations to a higher sustainability profile. We must as citizens hold politicians and people in power accountable to pass the necessary bills that put environmental issues at the forefront.


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