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FABRIC EDUCATION: We know we know- it can get daunting learning new things. Especially when it comes to the hush hush and "exclusivity" (in a negative way) that comes with the fashion industry.

We are here to dispel these notions and provide you context on our fabrics and how they are great for you and our planet!


  • One of the 1st plants used for textiles.

  • Requires no pesticides or herbicides.

  • The most durable of all natural fibers.

  • Gets softer with use.

  • Bio-degradable.

  • Gives back nutrients to the soil once harvested.

  • Has 10,000+ uses.

Organic Cotton

  • Made from untreated natural see, without synthetic fertilizer.

  • Uses far less water than conventional cotton.

  • Emits 46% less CO2 than conventional cotton.

  • Organic cotton fibers are stronger than conventional cotton fibers.

  • Bio-degradable.

Tencel Lyocel

  • Made from sustainable forestry, with 100% wood utilization. 

  • Low toxicity solvents are used, and recycled to be used again (99.9%).

  • Bio-degradable.

  • Scraps are used to create new "TENCEL Lyocell fibers with REFIBRA technology".

  • Soft as silk